About Us

In this fast-paced life, we, as consumers tend to settle for something that is convenient. Our lifestyles revolve around the fact that we fall short of the choices we have, to source our products from. Consequently, our needs have now shifted from tradition and purity, to convenience and accessibility. And this was the thought that gave birth to Creel.

At Creel, our aim is to redefine India’s freshest and finest food experience for our customers from the freshest, finest meats, tender and juicier chicken, to irresistible seafood products.

For us, our customers’ needs come first, and to serve them better, we offer the best in terms of quality, benefits, hygiene, flavour, and taste. We are a juvenile start-up with the grand vision of offering people the experience of buying chicken in the most convenient way, and reacquainting them with its real flavours. Our aim is to shift the unpleasant experience of buying meat (whether it is chicken, mutton or seafood) from roadside butchers’ shops that came with a perpetual stench, buzzing flies all over and the foul sight of the meat kept in an unhygienic place, to a hygienic, and more easily accessible one.

The meat at the local butcher’s shop comes with no validation and guarantee of its hygiene. The meat could be highly processed and from animals that are raised under unhygienic, in human conditions of ordinary feedlots and slaughterhouses that are overburdened.

Creel is founded with the vision and ambition of providing fresh, clean and quality meat matching the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). We wish to bring back the traditional taste of meat and offer our customers a high-standard Meat in the comfort zone of their home.

We are committed to delivering healthy and hygienically processed meat that is in the best way. We have established scores of quality control checks throughout the process such as livestock breeding, selection, cleaning, and delivery.

At every level, from farm to fork, the meat is monitored for it to be offered to you in the best state, and with great quality. Our quality control measures involve an assortment of meat through stringent grading and rigorous standardization systems; the meat is handled by automated systems and trained staff, cleaning and washing of meat is done with RO water.

Whether it is an impressive dinner, mid-day meal, or an evening snack, Creel has you covered. With Creel, you can be sure that the meat on your table comes from a healthy animal raised in a hygienic and healthy environment from high-quality farms and farm fishers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. All of our products are 100% chemical-antibiotic- and hormone-free meat that not only results in healthier food but also has a taste that will leave you licking your plate clean.


Our mission at Creel is to deliver nothing but the best quality farm and barn products to our customers. In our pursuit of this objective, we constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers through delivering fresh, clean, safe and hygienic food products at their doorstep.


To emerge as a leader in providing clean, fresh, hygienic and quality food products to our customers. We strive to become the most preferred brand for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food products. We shall continuously work to become the first and only choice of the customer.